[New Capture Him Bonus!] Surviving the Affair Interview with Bob Huizenga

Surviving the Affair Interview with Bob Huizenga

Here’s a comment from L.L. about this NEW Bonus Interview for Capture His Heart members:

Thanks Clair and Bob, this was extremely helpful to me too. Especially the part about men viewing internet cheating as just a game. Unfortunately, my husband’s online girlfriend decided to come on over and try to get out of that fantasy emotional affair zone by getting into a physical relationship with him. Now she is back home and back in the fantasy zone for him. I wish I’d heard this talk a month ago, before I did all of those crazy things you warn against, like yelling, crying, threatening, begging etc. that have pushed him away. This is all pretty difficult to bear, but hearing that it has nothing to do with me was pretty helpful. Thanks!

surviving the affair bonus interview Affairs destroy trust. They shatter dreams. Cheating men can make you feel ashamed, betrayed, and utterly alone…

But it doesn’t have to be that way for your relationship!

There’s so much content in this little session, including:
-The ONE indicator that will let you know if he’s cheating
-How you can predict the odds of his cheating
-The 7 types of affairs, and what an affair is REALLY about
-The shocking truth about the training of most therapists and counselors

And the no-nonsense answers to three huge questions:
-Is it true that “once a cheater… always a cheater”?
-How can I prevent him from cheating?
-What’s the first step I take if I discover him cheating?

Surviving the Affair Interview with Bob Huizenga <== Listen in on this interview after clicking on this link and investing in your Capture Him and Make Him Love You Forever membership. Once inside your member area you'll be able to play the audio interview, download the pdf (read along as you listen) and you can download the interview too... Surviving The Affair Interview with Bob Huizenga

Cheating sucks! But now you’ll be armed with the knowledge of what to do & what not to do if he does cheat on you. And even more importantly… you’ll soon discover how to stop it before it even has a chance of beginning! Prevention is better than the cure right?

Check it out.



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