What Women Want Infographic

This doesn’t have anything directly to do with Claire Casey and Michael Fiore’s “Capture His Heart and Make Him Love You Forever” Program… just thought I’d share this for fun!

What Women Want… Dating Secrets Revealed Infographic: (based on women’s searches for their preferred attributes in a man while online dating, multiple attributes – including no attributes – could be selected per category)

What Women Want - Dating Secrets Revealed Infographic

(I’ve set it up so you can click on the image so it opens in a new window!)

[Disclaimer: I have no connection to FreeDating.co.uk or Nowsourcing. Visit/Join using your own discretion.]

Based on the above what women prefer when searching for the perfect man online infographic… you might as well stop searching as he’s right here writing this… (^_^)

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P.S. Claire can totally help you with what happens before, during and after you meet your online date! Once you find the man you really really want to keep… use her Dating Advice for Women and Capture His Heart and Make Him Love You Forever! Remember girl, YOU deserve it!



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