New Bonus Interview: How to Make a Man Sexually Addicted to You

How to Make Him Sexually Addicted to You“How to Make a Man Sexually Addicted to You” with Lawrence Lanoff

What you’re going to discover in this interview:

• What a man wants MOST from his sexual relationship with the woman he loves
• How to peek into his EROTIC MIND, and figure out the deepest desires your man has (but feels like he can’t tell you)…
• How you can UNLOCK your sexual self-confidence, so that no intimate situation will ever again make you feel totally lost, frightened, or uncertain about how to proceed…
• Specific sexual techniques for how to get what you really WANT out of sex (EVERY TIME), and why this is incredibly powerful for him, too…

‘Who the heck is this Larry Lanoff guy anyway?!’ you may be asking…

Well, he worked as a photographer and film director for Playboy magazine… which led him to think more seriously about the seemingly weird, strange and bizarre ways men think about sex.

He studied physics, yoga, spirituality, neuroscience, meditation, magic, psychology, hypnosis, Taoism, and a dozen more disciplines. He even managed to work in a Doctorate in Cognitive Studies…

And then he eventually developed a revolutionary new theory of consciousness that helps people understand their deepest feelings about self worth and sex.

You’ll find the audio interview with Larry AND the downloadable transcript within the “Bonus Content” after “Decode a Man: Webinar Recording” inside your Capture His Heart and Make Him Love You Forver members area. (Psst! If you aren’t a member yet, just click on this link: Capture Him Bonus Interview: How to Make a Man Sexually Addicted to You to get started and check out all the bonus material – even more dating advice for women and info on understanding your man will be continually added as cool bonuses for Capture Him members!)




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