Make Your Man Think About The Future (Step 2)

Hey…. sexy lady…! Oppan Gangnam Style! Sorry, couldn’t help myself!

Wanna know One of the 3 Steps to Make that Bay Boy you’re in love with only want you… and never stray…? Here goes!

Look, most men don’t sit around thinking about or daydreaming about “the future”, “forever” or even “happily ever after “unless you make them.

Remember when you played with dolls or met your “first love” in elementary school and thought about being married and what it would be like to be with him forever?

Guys? Well, we don’t think like that. At all. (Unless the woman triggers something deep inside us.)

Whatever you do don’t get all emotional about him not taking your relationship to the next (obvious to you) step, cursing him out and giving him ultimatums… can we say GOOD-BYE!!! permanently!? When you create that massive D-R-A-M-A in his life do you really think he’s gonna stick around to see and hear what you have to say & do next?

Not a chance.

Yes, it’s probably VERY frustrating to you that he seems to be okay with just casually dating. And seems comfy with what you’re already doing right now, am I right? It infuriates you that he doesn’t seem to want to commit…

Claire Casey can tell you what you should be doing instead. Help your boyfriend by planting that “future seed” in his mind. This is the 2nd Step to Making him want you forever… Watch Michael Fiore explain how Claire can help you here!

I know it’s counter-intuitive for a woman but that man needs to have calmness in his dating life.

A man already gets “beat down” by the world and his own internal struggles… he doesn’t need the one special person in his life doing the same.

He craves having a safe place to go. How would that make you feel knowing that you are THE one person he has to have because he KNOWS he can trust you. And be safe emotionally.

Sorry! I started almost going off on a rant there!

Just check out Michael Fiore’s video where he explains more about the 3 Steps to Make Your Man Love You and what Claire Casey can show you about how to make the man you want want you too!

Make him say “Hey… sexy lady!” (intro: PSY’s Gangnam Style horsey dance…) (^_^)

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