Decode a Man Bonus Webinar

The Bonus Webinar “Decode a Man” with Claire Casey & Michael Fiore is now available in the “Capture His Heart & Make Him Love You Forever” member’s area! It’s almost one and a half hours long! You also receive the transcript! (It’s 43 pages long…)

Decode a Man Claire Casey Webinar

Now there is one common complaint about this webinar… that Michael was constantly interrupting Claire, often talking over her and not allowing Claire to speak as freely as she could have… “Mike, let her speak!” The most important thing though is to grab those nuggets that you can use to understand your man’s mind. It might actually freak him out that you know him so well… ‘Oh man, she knows me better than I know myself… WOW! What a woman!’

One of the most often asked questions is:

“What does it mean when our dates are going so well, even for several months or sometimes years, then suddenly he disappears, avoids me, or no longer wants to go out together?”

If you’ve ever been there or if you’re experiencing this odd male behaviour right now you KNOW just puzzling and downright frustrating this is right?

Well, Michael actually tackles that question…

Claire & Mike then talk about partners of addicts and codependency with the example of a girl dating a ‘Captain America’ rescuer-type man… and what that actually means. And what to do about it.

How can a woman know if a man really likes her or just wants to sleep with her?

-How to deal with a man that’s silent.
-What kind of questions should you be asking your man… why “What are you feeling?” is absolutely the wrong thing to ask him…
-signs that he could be cheating on you… & what to do when you find out that he is. (The answer is not what you’d expect to hear. It will probably make you go “What…?! Seriously?”)

[will add some more of what Claire and Michael talk about in the Decode a Man Webinar soon! Less than half way through so far… lots of great relationship advice being shared here!]

Time for you to find out why us men sometimes don’t call you back… (^_^)



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