What Women Want Infographic

This doesn’t have anything directly to do with Claire Casey and Michael Fiore’s “Capture His Heart and Make Him Love You Forever” Program… just thought I’d share this for fun!

What Women Want… Dating Secrets Revealed Infographic: (based on women’s searches for their preferred attributes in a man while online dating, multiple attributes – including no attributes – could be selected per category)

What Women Want - Dating Secrets Revealed Infographic

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Based on the above what women prefer when searching for the perfect man online infographic… you might as well stop searching as he’s right here writing this… (^_^)

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7 Massive Mistakes Women Make That Make Men Run Away


Okay so I’m going to write this from the perspective of a guy looking at a woman he’s dating and the 7 mistakes that make me think… “What… is… she… doing…? UH. I’m outta here!”

I’ve reworked the actual titles and descriptions that Claire used in her report so I don’t leak her “secrets”… and using some different examples (like from my own life)

Mistake #1 – What is she worth?
I once had a friend whose brother would go to sleep while his girlfriend (who I actually knew from elementary school – “it’s a small world after all” comes to mind…) sat on the sofa and watched TV… for hours. Like everyday (or so it seemed). Have some self-worth!

[side story]: the same friend above just appeared at my doorstep one year… at one point she said: “If you lost some weight you could look as good as you used to.” LOL Part of me was like “I know… I was freaking HOT!” And the other part was thinking “I WAS freaking HOT!” Nice back-handed compliment if I’ve ever heard one. And she also revealed just how needy she was for some guy from her past… she drove to my place using her ex-boyfriend’s mother’s car! Imagine that! I wouldn’t believe either except that it actually happened to me.)

Mistake #2 – Mama…? Is that you? AKA Let me be my own man!

Have you ever seen a grown man drive let his momma drive him around?

Don’t try to take his place in the relationship. Seriously. He doesn’t need a mom. And he definitely doesn’t need a man!!!

Don’t be a back seat driver. Refrain from asking him “Why are you going this way…? Let’s pull over and ask for directions, we’re lost, we’re going to be late…!”

Once you start questioning his choices he will “KNOW” that you think him an incompetent fool. He’ll resent, not his momma, but YOU!

(There is a time and place to be nurturing and motherlike. You will need to figure that out. Claire can help you with this too of course! You know the drill… grab full access to her “Capture His Heart and Make Him Love You Forever” program and learn how to be his girlfriend and even his wife & lover)

Don’t scold, don’t nag, don’t supervise. That’s the EXACT OPPOSITE of being a HOT SEXY WOMAN!

If I can add an extra bit here: There was a girl who was trying to tell me how to dress. Early on. Even a guy friend of mine was telling me how she sounded like a “superficial _____.”

I will tell you though… it’s pretty powerful when a woman says “I like you hair like that.” AND especially if you were to brush your hand through my hair or rubbing my recently shaved/cut hair)! Guys LOVE this! Trust me!

Mistake #3: Some Day My Prince Will Come…

Mistake #4: Waiting by the phone all day long, instantly texting him back and rug burns from day 1

Don’t tell the guy you’re interested in & his best friend about how you went to a Passion Party and you were the only one who went all around the chairs (meaning you’ve experienced and engaged in “extra curricular activities” far beyond what other women have experienced or are willing to admit publicly) and be excited to be with you. Let alone even think about being more than just friends. Or friends with benefits. That’s just nasty. Don’t be any man’s bootie call.

If you’re both just waiting for each other to call or text and not going out and doing things with your own gals and him with his pals then that’s a relationship headed for potential disaster.

If you’re too easy and too available… you kill his thrill of the chase.

Remember, guys are looking for an adventure. They love questing… think about why guys love action movies, sci-fi and fantasy flicks too! (Anyone remember Choose your own adventure books?) Men love to play their video games too… (which makes me wonder if you’re just any regular easy-pickings kind of girl who can’t pull him away from virtual adventuring and real life chasing after you…)

As Claire write “So make sure you’re not the low-hanging fruit that any scrub could just reach out and pluck.”

She recommends that you:
• Don’t call him more than he calls you.
• Don’t drop everything to return every single text or call immediately.

(I don’t totally agree with this as I would like it if the woman called and didn’t seem to keep tabs on how often she was calling me versus how often I called her and I think it would be nice if women did return texts or calls ASAP although I can totally understand why she’s advising you no to do so…)

Mistake #5: Praise by Route, I’m not a little puppy dog and I ain’t your little baby boy.

Have you ever seen a person with a puppy or mother with her baby saying “Good Job!” for anything and everything they did? Everything was cute… everything was great. Praise. Praise. And more praise for a job well done! Now fast forward to when the puppy is fully grown and the boy is now a man. I can understand still talking that way to your dog… no matter how old they get dogs are still puppies to you am I right?

Not the same thing with men! Unless you’re his mother…!!! (My mom still refers to me and my friends as boys. ugh. LOL)

You have to be specific.

Your praises mean NADA. His reaction will be like ‘WHATEVER’…

{{{btw if you’ve NEVER thanked or praised your special man before… now would be a great time to start!}}}

Mistake #6: Stop talking (it’s not what you think!)

Here’s a specific example from Claire’s Report:

He comes to pick you up, and it’s clear he put a lot of effort into dressing to the

You say: Wow. You look…. (take a deep breath, and bite your lip)

Do you see how HOT that is?!

Mistake #7: Premature enunciation (you almost read that as something else didn’t you?)

Don’t fawn over him! You will come across as needy.

Hey! I do realize these are a whole lot of DO NOTs and not enough DO THIS and DO THATs but that’s what Claire Casey’s “Capture His Heart and Make Him Love You Forever” is for!

Take care Princess!

Make Your Man Think About The Future (Step 2)

Hey…. sexy lady…! Oppan Gangnam Style! Sorry, couldn’t help myself!

Wanna know One of the 3 Steps to Make that Bay Boy you’re in love with only want you… and never stray…? Here goes!

Look, most men don’t sit around thinking about or daydreaming about “the future”, “forever” or even “happily ever after “unless you make them.

Remember when you played with dolls or met your “first love” in elementary school and thought about being married and what it would be like to be with him forever?

Guys? Well, we don’t think like that. At all. (Unless the woman triggers something deep inside us.)

Whatever you do don’t get all emotional about him not taking your relationship to the next (obvious to you) step, cursing him out and giving him ultimatums… can we say GOOD-BYE!!! permanently!? When you create that massive D-R-A-M-A in his life do you really think he’s gonna stick around to see and hear what you have to say & do next?

Not a chance.

Yes, it’s probably VERY frustrating to you that he seems to be okay with just casually dating. And seems comfy with what you’re already doing right now, am I right? It infuriates you that he doesn’t seem to want to commit…

Claire Casey can tell you what you should be doing instead. Help your boyfriend by planting that “future seed” in his mind. This is the 2nd Step to Making him want you forever… Watch Michael Fiore explain how Claire can help you here!

I know it’s counter-intuitive for a woman but that man needs to have calmness in his dating life.

A man already gets “beat down” by the world and his own internal struggles… he doesn’t need the one special person in his life doing the same.

He craves having a safe place to go. How would that make you feel knowing that you are THE one person he has to have because he KNOWS he can trust you. And be safe emotionally.

Sorry! I started almost going off on a rant there!

Just check out Michael Fiore’s video where he explains more about the 3 Steps to Make Your Man Love You and what Claire Casey can show you about how to make the man you want want you too!

Make him say “Hey… sexy lady!” (intro: PSY’s Gangnam Style horsey dance…) (^_^)

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The 2 Things That SCARE Men Away from You

There are 2 things that frighten Mr. Right big time… are you scaring him away?

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2 Things That Scare Good Men Away

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The reason men are SCARED of you is because you want _________ while he wants __________.

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The two things that scare men the most

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STOP Scaring Men Away with these Two Things

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